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MiddleoftheNight Editorial Services is a full-service book production business for bibliophiles who value book quality. Our reasonably-priced services range from all levels of manuscript editing through back-of-the-book indexing to book design, layout, and typesetting as well as to ebook publishing. We have many years of experience in rendering your book print-ready in content and appearance, inside and outside. We are experts at producing your book as an ebook that is readable on multiple devices. In sum, we provide:

  • Developmental editing—helping you to realize and organize your inchoate thoughts
  • Manuscript editing (also called copyediting or line editing)—from mechanical to substantive editing
  • Back-of-the-book indexing
  • Book interior design, layout, and typesetting
  • Book production oversight—from ISBN acquisition to contracting with a printer
  • eBook production and uploading for multiple devices
  • Cover design—creating a visually arresting book cover that will drive sales

world in a book

A book is a world . . .

You have written a small masterpiece: Now what?  A multiplicity of options awaits authors and publishers these days. Whether you are self-publishing, submitting your manuscript to a book publisher with high standards, interested in turning your book into an ebook, or you are a busy publisher in need of outsourcing, we can help you.

Just as every diamond in the rough needs polishing, so every book needs editing on some level: Click on Editing Services to explore our services and samples of our work. And every book--every nonfiction one, at least--needs an index so that its text is made accessible to a wide variety of readers, each of whom has different interests and will indubitably search for information using different terms. As a result diverse readers require indexes offering multiple access points to information. It takes a professional indexer who is reader-centric (not always the case with authors) to do justice to the art of indexing, which services we offer here.

Believing that a book is a special creation that should be attractive in the fullest sense of the word, we also take pride in our customized book design, layout, and typesetting, whether we are producing print-ready versions for you, ebooks, or both.

About Us

ekmMiddleoftheNight is run by Boston-based Ellen Kaplan-Maxfield (EKM), who has years of experience in editorial services and book production. Working on deadline (and in the middleofthenight), she has skillfully and sensitively edited dozens of book manuscripts and has perfectionistically proofread numerous book manuscripts. (Errors jump out at her.) With a master's degree in Counseling Psychology, she specializes in psychology and philosophy scholarly indexing. She is also adept at interior and exterior book design, manuscript layout and typesetting, and ebook production.

A long-time member of Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), she is profiled in the March–April 2013 issue of its newsletter,The Freelancer. (Check out "EFA Member Spotlight" on page 5.)

We use Microsoft Word's track changes feature to electronically edit your files, which enables you to accept or reject the changes individually or as a whole. SKY Indexing software is our stand-alone indexing software, though the final index file we send you is PDF-compatible in generic RTF format. And we use Adobe InDesign for book layout, which produces in the end a multiplatform PDF file ready for the printer.

I'm so excited to incorporate this [index]! It is even better than I expected. Thank you SO much!

* * *

Here is what I wrote in the book's acknowledgements section about you:

"I find that reading through Ellen's index makes this book seem like a whole new book; and that's exciting, because it gives you more ways to make use of it.

"Ellen also read the book very carefully and found many small mistakes and grammatical faux-pas I had not seen."

—Cynthia Kurtz, Researcher, Writer, Programmer


This index is remarkable--a pleasure to read! I'm learning so much about my own work!

* * *

I am mightily impressed. The strongest aspect of the index, in my view, are the smart subject subheadings . . . (making connections I wouldn't necessary have made myself).

* * *

The subject headings/ subheadings . . . for me are the real “value-added” feature of your fine index, and where it really shines. The book has really benefited from all your hard work, and I’m grateful.

—Andrew Sofer, Associate Professor of English


I'm so grateful for your help and would highly recommend you to others.

* * *

Thanks for catching the differences … you are a careful reader as I had completely missed it.

* * *

It demonstrates your careful work. I must confess to having almost no energy left as I neared the finish, so your having come to my assistance has been a great gift.

Casey Beaumier, S.J. Boston College

"I am so grateful for your attention to detail, coupled with your sensitive understanding of the larger thematic concerns of the ms.

"I have real faith in your understanding of the material, your experience as an indexer, your careful attention, and your professional judgment."

* * *

"Thank you so much for all your careful reading and hours of work on my index. I felt very relieved to find someone as meticulous and intelligent as you, and I'm really grateful the index was in your capable hands."

Wendy Walters, Associate Professor, Emerson College
Archives of the Black Atlantic: Reading Between Literature and History

"I must say I very much like the [archaeology index's] cross referencing. You've done a great job and have really engaged with the material. Thanks again!"

—Andre Costopoulos, Associate Dean, McGill University
Human Expeditions: Inspired by Bruce Trigger

"I am very pleased with what you have produced. It looks great.

"I have to admit that your index is distracting me from work (in a good way!). I am having too much fun reading through it, and feel as though I'm re-discovering my own research through your description.

"My editor passes on many thanks for all your help, especially with the catches [of mistakes]!"

—Dr. Daniel Trottier, Social Media as Surveillance: Rethinking Visibility in a Converging World

"Wow Ellen, this is quite an amazing Index! How did James put it - 'substantive and differentiating'? The categories under his life are remarkable. Anyway I am mightily impressed, and I think readers will be too!"

* * *

"Thank you again for your stellar index!"

* * *

"[Your] remarkably thorough index will be of immeasurable help for future scholars of Hillman's work. "

—Dick Russell, Author and Environmental Journalist,
The Life and Ideas of James Hillman: Vol. 1 The Making of a Psychologist

"Thank you for your work on the Preface—and for your work on the entire book. You have made it so much better than it would have been without your careful attention and thoughtful changes."

—Dr. Merrilee Salmon, Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking

"On behalf of Dr. Weiner and the Cambridge Editors team, I just wanted to express our gratitude for the excellent work you've done with us since you joined our freelance staff. It's a true pleasure to work with you and we look forward to engaging you on many more projects to come."


"Thank you for doing such a thorough and conscientious job."

—Linda Power, Petite Picture Poems

"Thanks for your excellent work."

—Paula Pyburn, Premedia Global

"And thank you again for the hard work on this book! "

—Rosalind Bannerjee Shahuna, Senior Project Manager

"Your final version [of index] looks very good. I heartily approve of your work."

—Dr. Howard Norland, Neoclassical Tragedy in Elizabethan England

Working with Stories in Your Community or Organization: Participatory Narrative Inquiry, Cynthia Kurtz, Researcher, Writer, Programmer (indexed)

Dark Matter: Invisibility in Drama, Theater, and Performance, Andrew Sofer, Associate Professor of English (indexed)

History dissertation on Jesuit high schools in American life during 1950s-1970s, Father Casey C. Beaumier, S.J., Boston College (1200+ footnotes and bibliography copyedited)

Archives of the Black Atlantic: Reading Between Literature and History, Wendy Walters, Emerson College (indexed)

Human Expeditions: Inspired by Bruce Trigger, Andre Costopoulos, University of Toronto Press (indexed)

Social Media as Surveillance: Rethinking Visibility in a Converging World , Daniel Trottier, Ashgate (indexed)

The Life and Ideas of James Hillman: The Making of a Psychologist (Vol. 1), Dick Russell, Helios Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing (indexed)

Grail Mysterium: An Adventure on The Heights, Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield, Kepler Press (edited, proofread; layout, typeset, and produced in print and ebook formats)

Cognitive Psychology, 6e, Robert J. Sternberg & Karin Sternberg, Cengage Learning (indexed)

Neoclassical Tragedy in Elizabethan England, Howard W. Norland, University of Delaware Press (indexed)

Introduction to Positive Psychology, 2e, William C. Compton & Edward Hoffman, Cengage Learning (copyedited)

Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking, 6e, Merrilee C. Salmon, Wadsworth (copyedited)

Community-Based Corrections, 9e, Alarid & del Carmen, Wadsworth (copyedited)

Calculus Made Clear, 1e, 2e, David R. Kaplan, Kepler Press (copyedited & proofread)

Reimagining Education: Essays on Reviving the Soul of Learning, Edited by Dennis Patrick Slattery & Jennifer Leigh Selig, Spring Journal, Inc. (copyedited)

Imagination and Medicine: The Future of Healing in an Age of Neuroscience, Stephen Aizenstat, Spring Journal, Inc. (copyedited)

Communication Research: Strategies and Sources, 7e, Rebecca B. Rubin, Alan M. Rubin, Paul M. Haridakis, Linda J. Piele, for Pre-PressPMG (copyedited)

Your College Experience: Strategies for Success, Concise 8e, By John N. Gardner, A. Jerome Jewler, Betsy O. Barefoot, for Pre-PressPMG (copyedited)

Memoirs of a Shape-Shifter, Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield, Kepler Press (edited, proofread; layout, typeset, and produced in print and ebook formats)

Hide & Seek: A Murder Mystery, Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield, Kepler Press (edited, proofread; layout, typeset, and produced in print and ebook formats)

The Everything Pregnancy Book: All you need to get you through the most important nine months of your life!, 3e, Paula Ford-Martin, F + W Publications (copyedited)

Buddha: 9-5: The Eightfold Path to Enlightening Your Workplace and Improving Your Bottomline , Nancy Spears, F + W Publications (copyedited)

Streetwise Credit and Collections: Maximize Your Collections Process to Improve Your Profitability, Suzanne Caplan, F + W Publications (copyedited)

The Everything Guide to Raising a Two-Year-Old, Brian Orr, MD & Donna Raskin, F + W Publications (copyedited)

The Everything Running Book: From circling the block to completing a marathon, training and techniques to make you a better runner, Art Liberman, F + W Publications (copyedited)

The Everything Weddings on a Budget Book: Plan the wedding of your dreams—without going bankrupt!, 2e, Barbara Cameron and Kerry Smith, F + W Publications (copyedited)

The Everything Movie Crosswords Book, Charles Timmerman, F + W Publications (copyedited)

The Everything Sports Crosswords Book, Charles Timmerman, F + W Publications (copyedited)

The About.com Guide to Home Decorating, Coral Nafie with Barbara Cameron, F + W Publications (copyedited)

Petite Picture Poems: Snippets of Life and Whimsey, Linda E. Power, PowerWise Books (proofread)

Rates are negotiable. As a member of Editorial Freelancers Association, we follow their recommended rates for editorial services.

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